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Permanent Warmth

The Beginning of China

Permanent Warmth, 26"x28", oil on linen, 2003


The Beginning of China, 96"x108", oil on canvas, 2002


Transformation of the Romantic

Abundance of Matter

Transformation of the Romantic, 96"x108", oil on canvas, 2002


Abundance of Matter, 96"x108", oil on canvas, 2001


Installation, P.S.1/MoMA

Installation, P.S.1/MoMA, 2001
Shadows in Our Sun, 96"x108", oil on canvas, 1999-2000

Description without Place Morning Rushes East
Description Without Place, 55"x60", oil on linen, 2000

Morning Rushes East, 35"x38", oil on linen, 2000
Installation, Gibson Gallery

Installation, Gibson Gallery, SUNY at Potsdam, 2000
Paintings left to right: Drift to the Edge, East Rushes West, The Idea of the South, Dark Before Light
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The Idea of the South Waiting for the Cool II
The Idea of the South, 96"x108", oil on canvas, 1999
Waiting for the Cool II, 20"x22", oil on linen, 1999-2001

Night Fishing

Stillness is the Key

Night Fishing, 46"x50", oil on linen, 1998

Stillness is the Key, 20"x22", oil on canvas, 1998