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Sugarloaf Key, FL studio, 2011

About my work

I work primarily in oil on linen canvases, sculpting paint into abstract compositions. My early work was spare and assertive with irregular geometric forms which over the years evolved more to the natural world but as sensations, formalized by color, brush strokes and scale.

I work with a limited palette of only four base colors: red, yellow, black, and white but over the years, by mixing and combining them I produce a seemingly infinite variety of shades and hues. It has given me a kind of subliminal freedom, even an invisible stability to the work. The varied hues in the hundreds of works I have made emerged from just this palette.



I have traveled extensively—from the jungles of South America to the temples of Asia—looking at parallels in crafts and art, and believe these colors represents a primary universal palette, with references to prehistoric painting and aboriginal art around the world.

All of my paintings include a vertical bar along the right edge of the canvas. This bar that first appeared in the 1970s has also become a permanent element in all my work. In effect it is acting as a visual foil for the rest, a dialogue between two parts, a duet, a response, a personal system.

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